#Still No Gun

Sick and tired of waiting?

How long have you been waiting for your FIREARM LICENCE APPLICATION to be approved?

Do you suspect that your AMNESTY APPLICATION has been lost in the system?

Are you worried that you’ll never get your firearm back? 

What are you going to do if your firearm is damaged or lost while in possession of the South African Police Service?


You’re not alone

Tens of thousands of South African firearm owners share your concern – especially after:

The portfolio committee reported on the chaotic conditions at the Central Firearms Register &

The severe backlogs in the licensing and amnesty processes are even worse compared to the police’s forensic departments.

The Government’s agenda has emerged clearly in its mission to eliminate self-defence as a reason for firearm possession in the draft amendment to the Firearms Control Act. This is evident from the fact that most applications submitted since December 2019 have yet to be processed.

In the meantime, we’re experiencing unprecedented levels of armed robbery attacks and murders in South Africa.

We’ve had enough. It’s time we got our weapons back.

We’re teaming up with a group of organizations to force the South African Police Service to return your firearm through legal action and to position law-abiding citizens on the right side of the law.

What's the status of your application?

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Firearm Amnesty

Surrendered your firearm in fear of being charged for being in possession of an unlicensed firearm or ammunition?
Still no news?

License Renewal

Have you applied for the renewal of your original firearm license, permit or competency certificate?
Tired of waiting for the system?

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